Our Prefix :-)

The Prefix started as a joke!

 Our 5 first dogs were rehomed and came to us a bit by coincidents.

Due to that we started to call them the

 So when we decided to apply for a prefix, our dogs
were already known as the "reject-dogs"
So the prefix just had to be:

 Kennel Reject!

Since we have done quite well with dogs from our breeding,
the prefix got a ironic touch too.
It is rather fun to enter the ring with a dog named Reject, and win :-)

 Our 5 "rejects":


Out of these 5 "rejects" we got 1 Worldwinner, 3 International Champions,
4 Nordic Champions, Topwinning CC 2002, Toppwinning IG 2004 and 2005,
1 with passed mentalitytest at the Norwegian Rottweilerclub (CC)

These 3 CC's are also parents, grandparents and greatgrandparents
to several of the topwinning CC's in Norway!

Actually these 2 are "reject's" too:


Both are International and Nordic Champions ++++
Alfi is Topwinning CC in both Norway and Denmark 2004,
and he is also a two times Worldwinner!

Not bad for a bunch of "reject's"